The World’s Best Water Softener 2018. SoftPro beats Fleck water softeners hands down!

Ready Mag, Water Peek Store says SoftPro Elite Basic High Circulation, High Performance Water Softeners outperforms Fleck water softener and is now the #1 choice for homeowners and small businesses. 

The SoftPro Elite Basic High Efficiency water Softener system changes the no longer readily available Fleck 7000SXT water softener with flow rates up to approximately 30 GPM with included advantages of high performance upflow brining with Reverse Flow Regeneration maintains unused softening bed from an unneeded exchange, as a result saving salt.

Upflow Brining computes the accurate quantity of salt brine required to regenerate conserving up to 60%, even more, salt for a total average salt saving of 75% over the Fleck water softeners.

SoftPro High Flow On Demand Water Softeners with electronic sensing units, adjustable cycles, and tested seal and spacer style.

 True 1 ″ porting style enables greater circulation rates for larger residences or for home with high flow components.

1" connections are included.

Big 4 line Touchpad LCD show. No complex symbols or codes.

Reverse Flow Regeneration maintains unused softening bed from unnecessary exchange, therefore conserving salt.

Automatic Backwash Variable Preset for tidy local water by matching backwash frequency to water quality needs conserving you hundreds to countless gallons of water each year.

Soft Water Brine Tank Refill maintains the salt water container and injectors cleaner.

Automatic System Refresh purges stagnant water after 7 days of non-use, stopping bacterial development.

Soft Water Recharge Mode makes certain soft water during usually heavy water usage.

Automatic Reserve adjusts based on your actual usage.

Quick Connect functions on bypass, drainpipe line quick connections as well as power cable.

Circulation Rates up to 30 GPM.

10% High Capacity Resin, sturdiest resin on the marketplace!

10-Year Control Head/Valve Warranty as well as Lifetime on Resin and also Brine Tank.

fleck 7000 water softener

The SoftPro Elite Plus version coincides system as SoftPro Elite Best Water Softener Reviews 2018 but gives you the added protection of a media guard filter that secures the material from chlorine, iron and also sulfur, and products you with much better top quality water throughout the home.

SoftPro Elite Plus High Flow/High Efficiency Water Softeners beats all Fleck water softeners and is the #1 choice for homeowners that want soft water and filtration for their home. 

SoftPro Elite Plus High Flow/ High Efficiency Water Softeners

SoftPro Elite High Flow On Demand Water Softeners with electronic sensors, flexible cycles, and also proven seal and spacer style

Introducing the boosted, MORE reliable, much more easy to use SoftPro Water Systems electronic metered water softener/ conditioner. Using the SoftPro 89 1" ported shutoff that meters water use and restores only when it has to.

This system has proportional bringing as well as backwash which reduces the salt by as high as 75% over fleck water softeners!

With the outstanding Softpro 89 metered on demand shutoff, the media guard filter, neoprene protective jacket, a 10 year Manufacture guarantee on Control shutoff, as well as a Manufacturer Lifetime warranty on mineral and also brine container makes this system is really the most effective the marketplace has to offer.

SoftPro Water Systems provides you the following advantages over the typical systems.

NSF Certified digital control valves with tested piston, seal & spacer modern technology, and revolving "no touch" diagnostic backlit 16 character LCD present.

Upflow Regeneration with Optimal Precision Brining provides high efficiency performance and most affordable possible salt use.

Meter prompt, meter delayed, meter override, calendar, and also getaway clock modes.

A self-charging capacitor maintains day/ time of day for 2 Days while shows stay in permanent memory.

NSF Certified high-gloss mineral tank.

WQA Gold Seal 10% cross-linked cation material the most durable resin available.

Sturdy brine tank/ closet constructed with NSF Certified high-density polyethylene. Include safety float and salt grid plate.

Soft water saltwater tank refill.

Salt water float valve for overflow protection.

Room conserving bypass with incorporated generator meter.

Time saving quick connect installations on bypass, drain line, salt water line and also power cable.

Ten Years Control Valve Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on Tanks.

Mediaguard 55 filter to get rid of Chlorine and biproducts from chlorine along with a high percent of lead, copper, zinc and various other hefty metals from water, if on well water the media guard 85 aids with sulfur odor, will not allow iron bacteria grow in system, and also removes heavy metal such as lead, copper, zinc, and more. 

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