Quality Water Treatment offers customers water treatment equipment and parts at discount prices. They also offer technical support for all products purchased through their website. Choose from products like water filters, whole-house water treatment systems, water softeners and more.

Drinking water systems: Quality Water Treatment sells reverse osmosis, under the counter, countertop and whole-house water treatment systems. Depending on the size, you’ll find drinking water treatment systems for as little as $185 up to over $1,300 for whole-house water treatment systems.

Water softeners: Quality Water Treatment offers multiple types of water softeners including, SoftPro, Fleck, Go Green and commercial water softeners. Don’t know what size of water softener you need? Enter some information about your water system into its online calculator to make sure you’re getting a softener that will work with your home’s setup.

Commercial systems: Quality Water Treatment offers seven models of commercial-sized Fleck water treatment systems and six sizes of reverse osmosis water treatment systems. Depending on the size you need for your business, prices range from around $2700 up to over $23,000.

Filters: If you’re looking for a well water filter, Quality Water Treatment offers iron, manganese and sulphur filters, as well as sand and sediment filters. They also have a selection city water filters that include carbon cartridge filters and reverse osmosis filters.

Sales: Quality Water Treatment lists sales on many of their products of over half off. Sale prices are listed underneath each item online.

Best for:  Consumers looking for discounted water treatment equipment and parts.

What problem is your company trying to solve?

Our goal is to help people get good, clean water at a affordable price and still offer high quality support before and after the purchase. What sets your company apart from the competition?Our family owned and operated company has been specializing in water treatment since 1990. When you speak to a representative, you are speaking with one of the owners. We have a vested interest in making sure our customers get the best equipment and service available and to keep our customers happy.

No one knows water softeners and water treatment better than Quality Water Treatment, and not may give the technical support to their customer like we do. With more than 27 years in commercial and residential water treatment, we are extensively trained and certified in the industry with many resources available to assist you before and after your purchase. 

Please leave us a review after you purchase. We use your feedback to better our services to our customers.What needs do your product or service fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?Our products treat water of all sources. We sell high quality, high-efficiency water softeners that save 75% in salt and 64% on water every regeneration. Our SoftPro Water Softeners carry the best warranty in the industry. We also sell Fleck brands.

We also specialize in treating well water. Overall, we have 30 years’ experience in specializing, solving and treating water that a lot of companies have not been able to treat. We have many resources and treatment systems available to us to get you the best water possible.

We sell our water softeners, iron filters and all other water treatment systems at 40 to 60% below market  Value.How does your company measure success?Customer service is a big part of our business. We strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value!What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry? Your company?A lot of consumers don’t understand that there is a huge difference in quality between water treatment systems sold at big box stores in comparison to what we sell. We sell high efficiency, high-quality water treatment systems that have an average lifespan of 15 plus years with a warranty that is the best on the market for prices that are very competitive to big store brands. We are water treatment professionals, that is all we do. When you purchase from us, all our experience and knowledge comes with it. You can’t get that type of service from a big box store or Amazon-based company.How has your industry changed in the last 5 years? 10 years?The technology has grown tremendously over the past 10 years. There is a high-efficiency system available now that work. The industry has followed retail and has gone online. 15 years ago, there were only a few water treatment companies selling water treatment systems online. was one of the first companies to do this, starting online sales in 2003.What is something you wish every consumer knew about your company?We are a family owned and operated company, we take our business very seriously and we give all we have to take care of our customers. We take it personally when our customers’ needs are not met, and we work diligently until the issues are solved. We sell high-quality water treatment systems at a low profit margin, but on top of that we also give top notch customer support and technical help when needed to customers that purchases a water treatment system from us. 

Some consumers don’t have knowledge that your brick and mortar dealers not only charge a lot more money for a system that may or may not be of the same quality-they also charge for service and technical support at a rate ranging from $50 to $100 per hour.Has your business received any rewards or recognition for its products or services that your customers would like to know about?We received the Best Business award in our industry in 2010, in Houston Texas. We are also a member of ConsumerAffairs with high rankings from our customers.How has your company grown or evolved?We started as a small one man operation in 1990. Quality Water Treatment was founded by Craig Phillips. Craig worked for a large water treatment company in a small town where he grew up in. In 1988, the company he worked for closed the office he was transferred to, over 4 hours away from his hometown. Craig and his young family struggled for over a year trying to find work and make ends meet, living on local trout that he caught from local lakes and streams because they could not afford to buy food. 

With a lot of hard work and sacrifice, Quality Water Treatment was born in 1990. We had a storefront and shop in our hometown, and we specialized in treating well and surface water. Craig grew the business and was a one man show until 1995, doing sales, marketing, installing, servicing, testing water and designing the proper water treatment systems to treat the water for different applications. 

In 1995 Quality Water Treatment hired their first employee, who happened to be an old colleague that worked for the same company Craig worked for. This colleague left the old company in 1988 as well and got into the pump and well business. In 1997 Craig partnered with him and opened a pump and well company where they replaced and repaired well pumps, pressure tanks and storage tanks. They also did well development projects and repaired wells that were collapsing by using a sleeving method. 

In 2001 Craig injured his back severely doing well work, pulling a pump by hand from 220 feet in the ground. After that Craig was limited to doing office work only. Shortly after the internet became mainstream, was born. The internet part of the business started to grow fast. 

In 2004 Craig sold his shop and the pump and well business to his pump and well partner and went solely online. Craig did all the internet sales and technical support until 2005. In 2005 Craig’s oldest son started with the company. In 2008 Craig’s daughter that just graduated from college started with the company, and in 2014 are youngest son started with us. His wife Debbie has always helped with the books, and for a short time she was also answering phones. 


To date, is a family owned and operated business.

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