Fleck Water Softeners: Rise to Popularity & Comparison to SoftPro

Fleck water softener have been around for over 50 years and have become a well known brand that was sold for years by local water treatment companies and plumbers. In 2002 water treatment companies such as started offering the fleck water softener and iron filters online at a discounted price while still offering the expertise of a full service water treatment dealer.

In 2008 when economy went bad a few water treatment suppliers that sell to dealers decided they would start offering Fleck water softeners and other fleck products online to the public as well, under cutting their dealers. When they did this they lowered the prices to the point that your full service online dealers and local dealers could not make a profit selling them.

This left a void in the water treatment market and caused the Fleck brand to now be sold at heavily discounted prices which has made it difficult for dealers to give customers the technical support required without charging a fee for that service and has slowed down the manufacture warranty response time.

Because of this a lot of local water softener dealers that install and service the systems have stopped selling Fleck water softener and have gone to brands like SoftPro water softeners or Clack water softeners.

Clack water softener is a better quality than Fleck and is easy to service and maintain. The Clack water softener carries the same warranty and waste the same amount of salt and water as the fleck water softeners but the Clack is not sold online so it protects the Brick and mortar dealer so they can still stay in business and offer a better quality product than the Fleck that is now being sold at or below dealer cost on the internet. 

SoftPro water softeners is manufactured by the second largest water treatment manufacture in the world. The Softpro water softeners use new age technology and out perform Fleck and clack water softener in every way. Saving hundreds of dollars in maintenance and salt virtually paying for themselves over time. The Softpro also carries a superior manufacture warranty over the Fleck and Clack water softeners and is sold at a fraction of the cost of what a Clack water softener would cost you though a local dealer and you get professional service from start to finish and over the years if ever needed when you buy a Softpro Water Softener online. 

A Softro water softener is more expensive than a Fleck water softener because the quality of the system, salt and water saving features and superior warranty with the best customer service supplied by a company that has been in the water treatment industry since 1990 makes it the best money can buy but still at a affordable price. 

If do not want to worry about who will help you if you have problem with your water softener or if the manufacture is going to cover your system or parts under warranty in a timely manner and want a good quality water softener that pays for itself with the best service and warranty in the industry then you want a SoftPro water softener.  

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